Are e-wallets the future of
financial management?

Published, 01-10-2022

Every day, technological trends advance at a breakneck speed. We frequently come across digital alternatives to tasks that were formerly completed in a different manner. E-wallets are transforming the world of finance, both personal and professional, by providing digital methods for administration and transactions. On this blog, you will learn more about e-wallets.


What is an e-wallet?

An e-wallet is a digital wallet that facilitates user transactions. Money and credit cards have traditionally been the most common forms of payment at the moment of purchase. However, the new technology is transforming corporate methods.

Despite the fact that it serves the same purpose, it allows purchases to be made using a cell phone application, with payments made only when the device is approached.

Furthermore, digital wallets make use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect mobile devices such as smartphones, smart watches, and wristbands.


How does it work?

The e-wallet operates through a smartphone application and, like traditional wallets, keeps the user’s money. Many people utilize an e-wallet in this situation to save their funds in a more practical and straightforward manner.

You can fund your digital wallet in one of two ways: by transferring money from your bank account or by paying a bank slip that sends the funds to the e-wallet. As a result, customers without bank accounts can use the wallet without difficulty.

The e-wallet can also be used on other digital devices, but it always has encrypted software for user protection. Aside from that, the PIN can be used to make purchases and transactions (wallet identification number).


Main benefits

  • Comfort: Some solutions require only a few minutes to set up. To open your account and input your payment information, download the app and follow the instructions.
  • Security: Your financial and personal information is safe since it is encrypted. This means that the number on your credit card is not stored on your phone, but rather in the cloud, as guaranteed by the company that created the app.
  • Reduced receipts and payment vouchers: Some terminals that accept contactless payments generate electronic vouchers, reducing paper usage and making businesses more sustainable.
  • Speed: Since you only need to follow a few steps from your smartphone, the payment is nearly quick.
  • Ease of connecting several bank accounts / cards: Though you may add information from multiple credit cards, the electronic wallet is ideal if you want the flexibility of making payments from multiple accounts.


Where is it possible to use the e-wallet?

At the moment, the digital wallet is more widely utilized for online purchases and transactions. Different institutions, on the other hand, are equipping their payment terminals with NFC technology in order to provide clients with greater convenience and security.

When it comes to e-commerce, an e-wallet is already a payment option available. On online store sites, digital wallets such as Paypal, Pagseguro, and Google Wallet are available.

The e-wallet has grown in popularity over time as a result of its better convenience, and it continues to evolve in terms of the adoption of new users and new areas for use.



In today’s fast-paced world, digital wallets are the wallets of the future, allowing for rapid, secure, contactless payments. To pay for services, users simply need to link their bank accounts to the digital wallet.

In addition, based on the demands of the user, e-wallets can be open, closed, or semi-closed. Choose an e-wallet solution that offers extensive functionality and strong encryption techniques.

If you’re looking for a sustainable e-wallet for your company, financial institution, or personal use, we’ve got you covered. 

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