What is nearshore?

Nearshore is an efficient way to get specialized IT services such as outsourcing and staff augmentation, besides the efficiency you can get great results with this strategy. Learn more in our 2 minute read blog.

November 30, 2021.

It’s a form of outsourcing, frequently known as staffing, that offers a cost-effective solution to IT problems. The supplier is a company established in a foreign country near the client’s one. Nearshore is the option of outsourcing in tendency today, mainly because it combines the best of offshore and onshore.

Let’s talk about the benefits nearshore offers.

1. Same time zone

This allows for better communication and cultural comprehension while building effective relationships. Looking for a nearshore team allows you to expand the possibilities through qualified teams, better infrastructure, proximity, and lower prices.

2. Proximity

The nearness between both countries makes it easier for the client to visit the nearshore team and get to know them better, as well as get an idea of the infrastructure they work with.

3. Experts in their fields

The engineers behind nearshore services are experienced and, with college degrees, you can easily find seniors in every technology there is. They are qualified professionals with fluent English, which also makes them good communicators.

4. Cost-effective

Nearshore services are known for being really cost-effective. You will definitely consider this service really cheap, yet it is actually really efficient because the engineer and the infrastructure behind it are pretty good. Nearshore will get you excellent results and will achieve your goals just for the right price.

The ultimate goal of nearshore is to boost the capacity of an organization in an accelerating way in order to cover the needs of a project. It works by adding specialized engineers to the organization to expedite the tasks. These engineers work remotely, adapting to the client’s vision and needs. Every worker is completely focused on the client’s project, but physically and legally located in another organization.

At Daltum Systems, we have been suppliers of nearshore services since 2012. Get in touch and we will discuss your needs.


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