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Everyday more companies are choosing nearshore services due to all the benefits they obtain, here are some of them.

  • Similar or same time zones

Companies that use nearshore associations are benefited by the geographical proximity of said companies due to the lack of time barriers. This benefits the companies because they have a better control of their processes without opportune delays

  • Communication agility

In this benefit we’re not only talking about language barriers, which is another great benefit. Due to the proximity and lack of time zone barrier, the communication takes a real faster time because they’re all working in the same or very similar time zones, this eases the collaboration, problem solving, response time, team interaction and travel costs.

  • Avoid language and culture barriers

Due to the geographical proximity, the language barriers are very small or none, because the collaborators usually have the near countries languages well dominated, as well as being familiar with their closer cultures. This way companies that choose nearshore avoid communication problems and misunderstandings.

  • Accessible investing

When choosing nearshore associations you won’t have to invest in the selection process, recruiting, training, office services, nor equipment, besides the cost of their professional services is lower than the offshore one.

Nearshore advantages give the companies an ideal option to add to their organizations. Us at Daltum Services have high quality staffing services, trained to every need your company may have.