IT Specialized Recruitment

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The new approach of hiring is through remote workforce recruitment. It enables you to have access to the best and most cost-effective personnel on the planet. That is why having recruiting professionals on hand, as well as a well-defined recruitment process, is crucial to assisting with those decisions.

We specialize in finding top personnel for you at Daltum. We follow a strict procedure that allows us to find the best IT talent for you. Our procedure consists of five steps that are carefully followed to begin the screening of candidates. Our process has been refined over the course of our ten years of experience to provide the highest quality recruitment service available.

Recruitment process

Identifying the best candidates.

Identifying C1+ candidates.

General skill test.

Identifying the 2% best talents.

Choose who you want to work with.

Our recruiters

They are college graduates with extensive IT and human skills, and they are masters at spotting qualified people for any IT-related position. Our team includes senior, intermediate, and junior experience, as well as a thorough understanding of recruiting and HR solutions.

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