Staff Augmentation

Extend your IT talent

Is a frequent outsourcing method for staffing a project and accelerating a company’s capacity in order to respond to business objectives. Staff Augmentation enables you to hire high-quality employees on a need-to-know basis. It’s a strong tool for increasing agility and responding to business needs.

Our employees are regarded for being dependable, efficient, communicators, and team players. Their English is at a C1+ level, and they have extensive expertise in their respective industries. These engineers have the ability to reply to any individual request. This skill will assist you in resolving IT issues while also bringing digital innovation to help your organization or project succeed.


Top talent


Scale your business faster

Specialized talent

Fluent english

Time zone alignment

Recruitment process

Identifying the best candidates.

Identifying C1+ candidates.

General skill test.

Identifying the 2% best talents.

Choose who you want to work with.

What is nearshore?

Nearshore is an efficient way to get specialized IT services such as outsourcing and staff augmentation, besides the efficiency you can get great results with this strategy. Learn more in our 2 minute read blog.

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