Every company is a software company.

The digital transformation has change the way companies work, new opportunities have come within this changes, yet is fair to ask: is every company really a software company? Find out in our 2 minute read blog.

November 16, 2021

Truth is regardless of your industry, your company is a software company, and trying to deny that fact can harm your business operations. Nowadays hardware and software are exponentially growing every day, this allows people of all sorts like employees, competitors, and customers, to have access to multiple data that empowers their knowledge. With this said, there’s also digital tools of analysis, communication, productivity, management, and measurement of data. These tools are so easy to find, even sometimes regular people’s tools are more sophisticated than the company’s ones.


This wakes up a serious urge to companies to adapt to these circumstances, and the way you achieve that is by using software and technology, this will help you become more responsive and agile as your customers, and without a doubt you’ll be able to measure and evaluate data such as your stakeholders, or even better (In Daltum we can help you achieve that).


If you still think that your company is not a software company (or cannot benefit from a software), think twice. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, software is a part of how you run your business, because today’s technology allows us to be connected with the entire world. This triggers multiple opportunities of many kinds to improve in some way, or even sale your product. The truth is every business relies on software for operation, organization, sales, and many other aspects, not only making it easier to do these things, but also optimizing them. If you’re not relying in any way on software, you’re missing these great opportunities.