What is Staff Augmentation?

Learn about the different types of Staff Augmentation strategies, and how they are different from each other in this 2 minute read blog.

November 18, 2021


We define staff augmentation as an outsourcing strategy commonly used to staff a specific project. The main aim is to quickly get a set of talents, and accelerate the operating process needed to meet a project’s goal.

To know if you are in need of a staff augmentation service, you have to check the current staff and then decide which skills you need to achieve your goal. Staff augmentation services are often about IT solutions, mainly because of the specific resources, infrastructure, and expertise needed to do those tasks.

These services are mostly presented in an offshore method, often because onshore related services are quite expensive, yet offshore staff augmentation services have several problems such as, lack of proximity, cultural and language barriers, and significant time zone differences. With this said, there’s a better IT staff augmentation method called nearshore, the services are offered by latin american companies and have multiple advantages over other methodologies such as, time zone alignment, proximity, fluent english speakers, better infrastructure, and qualified professionals with college degrees, also this strategy represents a smart decision because of the cost-effectiveness related with working with these companies, getting better results for a better price.

The provider will augment the client’s workforce with qualified and experienced staff, yet the client is responsible for the management of those workers. These professionals are hired based on their technological expertise covering multiple software needs, accelerating and improving the results.