What are the differences between nearshore, offshore, and onshore?

Learn the differences between nearshore, offshore, and onshore, and be capable of recognizing what strategy suits best for you.

November 30, 2021

In order to identify the differences between these service styles, let’s take a look at their definitions.

  • Nearshore outsourcing refers to outsourcing for countries with similar time zones that are geographically close.
  • Offshore refers to outsourcing from far-away countries with considerable time zone differences.
  • Onshore refers to outsourcing from service providers located in the same country but with different companies.


What are the differences between them?


Nearshore is the externalization option that combines the best of offshore and onshore because it is a service outside your company but in a close country. This also provides better and different benefits than the others.


It is not as expensive as onshore, and communication within the team is easier than offshore due to the similarity of timezones, as well as the lack of language barriers, not to mention cultural barriers. 


When looking for outsourcing options for United States companies, nearshore from Mexico is the best option. The number of developers and engineers is high, with very good quality. The time zones are the same in some locations or very similar, and it is considerably less expensive, not only in service but in the case of travel.


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